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To book reservations at Berthas House in lovely Cienfuegos

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If you are looking for a casa particular, a bed and breakfast, a hostel, a hotel, a room, just consider berthashouse.com in lovely Cienfuegos. Although we are technically a casa particular you will not find a better residence anywhere in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Remember, the best casa particular and rooms in Cienfuegos is Bertha's House!


  Email: linaresberta74@gmail.com
Email: bertalinares@yahoo.es
Traveling to Cienfuegos, Cuba? Book your rooms at
Bertha’s House
Casa particular de Bertha Linares Bed and Breakfast  Cienfuegos rooms.  Cienfuegos is the prettiest city in all of Cuba, bar none!
Come to Cienfuegos and enjoy the real Cuba! You will love Cienfuegos, Number 1 casa particular of Cienfuegos, Cuba

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